A free set of policies and briefing papers on engagement, play for all, wet playtimes, and behaviour.

3Children who engage positively with each other are the ones who are most likely to go through their lives being able to make the most of the social world.

As a result they are likely to be happier and more fulfilled, and more able to take up the opportunities that an ever-changing world offers, than those who don’t have this social aptitude.

Which is why my colleagues and I decided to call this week Positive Play Week – a Week when we can invite schools to focus on positive play, engagement, and behaviour.

As part of this we have created four free briefing papers and policy documents relating to positive play.  These, we believe, will be helpful to you and your colleagues in considering the range of potential that there is within positive play.

Specifically – the potential to enhance enjoyment and fun throughout one’s life, and to offer each child the chance of a greater level of personal fulfilment.

On our website you will find, freely available for download, policies and briefing documents for:

  • Engagement
  • Play for All
  • Wet Playtimes
  • Behaviour

There is no charge at all for these documents – we hope you will find them helpful.  If you do and you know of colleagues who might find these documents helpful, please do pass the details on.

The website contains a huge amount of information about positive play, including policies and briefing documents, ideas for activities, and a detailed review of why positive play is so beneficial for children.

Also on the website is information on how positive play transforms lives, ten things you can do to encourage positive play, and thoughts on how schools are making positive play a central part of the school day.

We also have information on how positive play stops bullying before it starts, plus a wide range of resources which are available from Edventure, who have kindly sponsored Positive Play Week.

I do hope you will have a moment to look at and explore the Positive Play Week website.

If you would like to send us photographs of your positive play activities that would be wonderful. And if you have any questions or thoughts you can get in touch with us:

Finally, I must return to our sponsor, Edventure, without whom Positive Play Week would never have come to be. You can find more details of the equipment they supply which supports positive play on their website www.edventure.co.uk. You can also request a copy of their catalogue by clicking here.

Jenny Burrows

Positive Play Week Coordinator