How easy is it to recognise the symptoms of anorexia or bulimia?

How would you help a child who develops one of these illnesses? Would you be sympathetic to a mental illness or would you take the view that the child was being silly and irresponsible.

Today’s children are far more obsessed with body image than previous generations. Many of their role models are excessively thin, and for some being thin becomes equated with success and popularity. Dieting is not unusual among teenagers and it is terribly easy to carry it too far. It is not so easy to recover without a lot of support and understanding. Anorexia and bulimia are addictive illnesses in which the sufferer lies and conceals to attempt to cover up the addiction. There is a large amount of self-deception as the sufferer may see a fat person in the mirror even although those around him/her see an emaciated one. The sufferer does not want help as he/she is terrified of becoming fat.

This book was written by someone who herself suffered both anorexia and bulimia for sixteen years. It describes in detail how she damaged her health and jeopardised her family relationships and friendships through an illness to which she was not willing to admit. It also describes her struggle back to normal healthy eating. The latter sections of the book give practical advice for normal healthy eating and describe the physical side effects of not having a healthy diet.

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