Five steps to providing support for your midday supervisor/s

Following conversations with midday supervisors, playtime expert Therese Hoyle identified that they don’t feel as valued and supported within their school’s community as they would like. In response to this she has devised a list of ways that you can provide support for your midday supervisors.

Firstly, by including photos of the lunchtime team and articles about playtime initiatives in the school’s newsletter, parents will see that your midday supervisors are highly influential in their child’s development, and you will give them greater status within the school and community.

Secondly, and similarly, these same outcomes can be achieved by including the names and photos of your lunchtime team, together with the rest of the school staff, on the welcome board and/or school website.

Another way that you can provide support for your midday supervisors is by providing them with the means to reward children in the playground when they are behaving well. This makes playtimes a positive experience for children and supervisors alike, as well as helping supervisors gain the respect from pupils that they deserve.

To implement this, Therese Hoyle recommends using reward stickers, pads, tokens, and certificates from Edventure. These can be found at

Additionally, implementing the PLACE model will ensure that midday supervisors can build positive relationships with your pupils through positive encounters. PLACE stands for Playful, Loving, Accepting, Curious and Empathetic.

Lastly, by ensuring that you communicate any changes to incentive and sanction systems with your midday supervisors, they will be able to carry out their roles and responsibilities more effectively, particularly with regard to behaviour management in the playground.

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