Disability awareness workshops for pupils

A whole day of workshops for groups of pupils throughout your school

  • Engaging and thought-provoking workshops for pupils
  • Essential for schools that want to challenge prejudice and promote disability equality
  • Adjusted to suit primary and secondary schools
  • Delivered by award-winning charity CSIE, working since 1982 to promote equality and eliminate discrimination in education (www.csie.org.uk).
  • Offer price: £500+vat plus expenses (normal CSIE price: £800+vat)
  • Follow-up at no extra charge: a) written responses to pupils’ questions and b) transcript of pupils’ feedback as evidence of impact
  • Book before the end of May 2016 to secure discounted rate.

Delivered by a dedicated ally of disabled people, these workshops enable pupils to:

  • learn more about disability and human rights
  • hear disabled people’s perspectives
  • identify common stereotypes and some of the prejudices disabled people face
  • consider what disability is and how it arises
  • understand the difference between impairment and disability
  • review language and terminology used and the effect this can have on disabled people’s identities
  • learn about disabled people who have made a difference
  • ask sensitive questions anonymously
  • become advocates for disability equality



95-100% of participants say that they found our workshop helpful. 

Some of the reasons pupils have given for finding the workshop helpful are:

  • “I now respect people with disabilities.  I wasn’t bothered before but now I care.”
  • “It helped me see disability from a new perspective.”
  • “It helps people know that disabled people are equal to us.”
  • “It helped me understand that you shouldn’t judge people by the way they look.”
  • “Now I know that people can do different things in a different way.”
How long is each workshop?
Around 45 minutes, but this can be adjusted to fit in with the structure of your school day.

How many workshops will you deliver?
We can deliver up to six workshops in a day; this, too, can be adapted to fit in with your school day.

How many pupils should there be in each group?
The workshops are interactive, therefore more effective with smaller groups (20 pupils or so), but here too the choice is yours.

What year groups are these workshops for?
The workshops are suitable to all year groups in primary and secondary schools; we adapt the content and presentation according to the age of pupils we work with.

Does a member of staff need to stay with the group?
Yes, we ask that a member of staff is present at each workshop.

Will you need any equipment?
In most workshops we ask for a computer, projector and access to the internet.

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  Offer price: £500+vat plus expenses (normal CSIE price: £800+vat)
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