Outstanding assemblies that pupils love and remember

Over 300 fully scripted assemblies available now with new assemblies added monthly saving you time and effort in the mornings.

AssemblyBox provides schools with a fast, easy and high-quality solution that delivers assemblies throughout the school year.

We are a subscription-based service for schools, providing access to an exciting online portfolio of assemblies. All of our assemblies are prepared by practicing teachers, industry leaders and specialist consultants.

Our assemblies are ready to use, simply download your chosen assembly and deliver it to your pupils.
•     Assemblies available to download in one click at www.assemblybox.co.uk
•     All assemblies come with a PowerPoint presentation
•     All assemblies are complete with ready-to-use key word cards
•     Ready to use certificates are available for reward assemblies based around the A-Z of Emotions
•     Each assembly is designed to be read aloud, just simply download and print your assembly then deliver it minutes later

AssemblyBox create fully scripted Primary School assemblies for all your School assembly needs.

Our assemblies are available in the following categories:

  • A-Z of Social and Emotional Stories
  • SEAL
  • Black History
  • Community and Citizenship
  • Famous People
  • Foundation Stage
  • World Religions
  • Saint Days
  • International Days
  • Around the World

But wait – there’s more! We want to give you a year’s membership to our great service for free. You can get another 12 month subscription to our great service for free simply by inviting others to join us. Ask the joining school to quote ‘Word of Mouth’ on their application and we’ll do the rest. Once three schools have signed up under your name, your next subscription is free. It’s that simple. Not only do you get great assemblies for every day of the year, you can get them for free!

From religious festivals to international days, social and emotional stories to countries and their national days, class assembly scripts to famous people, we have already done the hard work for you!

Your primary school assemblies are ready to pick up and use, incorporating an introduction, main story, reflection, prayer and personal promise; fitting perfectly into a fifteen minute school assembly session. School Assemblies at the click of a button – download as many assemblies as you need when you need them.

Our assemblies are available in the following categories:

  • World Religion and Festivals
  • A-Z of Emotions
  • Black History Month
  • Saint’s Days
  • Famous People
  • Countries and National Days
  • SEAL
  • Foundation Stage

Order your package today at www.assemblybox.co.uk