What is an effective strategy for ensuring progression in French throughout KS2?

For your pupils to make swift progress in French, it’s important that they are not only learning topic vocabulary, but also grammar. Better still, it is important that there is an effective strategy for combining both French vocabulary and French grammar to enable them to create their own sentences.

Which is why Brilliant Publications has developed Learn French with Luc et Sophie – a two-part series of engaging French storybooks suitable for children learning French at KS2.

Each series includes 14 units, 14 songs to reinforce vocabulary and 14 storybooks which feature a young brother (Luc) and sister (Sophie) and their friends and family. The stories provide an enjoyable, stress-free way to learn the rhythm of the language, intonation, and pronunciation.

The stories use simple sentence and language structures and offer the opportunity for your pupils to learn key vocabulary in context and to phrase things as a native speaker would.

Furthermore, the storybooks in each series are available both as mini 8-page books and as IWB files which enables them to be read individually, in small groups, or as a whole class. This makes it easy to present written and spoken language together so that children can see the links between them.

We have also devised a number of accompanying activities and games which will encourage your pupils to use the language naturally and without going through lengthy and complex thought processes.

The resource can be used by a teacher with limited knowledge of the language, made possible by translations of the text in the teacher’s book and audio files of all vocabulary and texts as well as the stories and songs. There are also self-assessment sheets so you can easily monitor progress and ensure full coverage of the Foreign Language Programmes of Study.

You can order Learn French with Luc et Sophie 1ère Partie for Years 3-4 and Learn French with Luc et Sophie 2ème Partie for Years 5-6 in a variety of ways, including:

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