Every noticeboard says two things to those who see it. The key task is to make sure that both messages are the same.

Imagine a noticeboard that contains up-to-date information on all the exciting, different, new, and indeed exhilarating things that are going on in your school.

On such a board there are two overall messages. One is the information that a certain event takes place on a particular day in a particular place.

The other is the sub-consciously sent message that this school is lively, engaging, and up-to-date.

But supposing the noticeboard itself looks a bit worn down and uncared for.  Suddenly all the overt information on the noticeboard is less appealing.  It is the sub-conscious message that now becomes the main focus.

It may be regrettable, but it is a fact of modern living that appearances mean a lot. That’s why we take the trouble to ensure that pupils and students attend in uniform, so that there is a sense of order and well-being within the school.

Noticeboards do have a key part to play in this; the modern, well-organised, engaging noticeboard announces that this is a school that puts things in order and make things happen.

In short, it proclaims what sort of school this is.

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