How can you help transform children’s lives through positive play?

The claims made for positive play are enormous – and the phrase “transforms lives” is one that can often be heard in relation to positive play.

But how does positive play weave such an extraordinary influence on people’s lives?

It works because positive play can take place in groups of any size, can take place indoors or outside, at home and at nursery.

Positive play can be a game of draughts or an outdoor game of catch-a-cup. It can involve a giant parachute held by a dozen children and used to flip an enormous ball or the recently developed Make a Move playground game where teams of four co-operate to keep a ball on a pad while walking from point A to point B.

In fact there are hundreds of different activities that promote positive play – and as many have already found, once children get the idea of positive play they will develop and explore the concept themselves, simply because positive play is more fulfilling than any other type of play.

To find out more about how positive play is different to other types of play, how you can actively promote positive play, and indeed, how you can get the nursery involved with Positive Play Week (9 to 13 May 2016), visit


On the Positive Play Week website you will find a wealth of information about positive play, including policies and briefing documents, ideas for activities, and a detailed review of why positive play is so beneficial for children.

Furthermore, you can request a catalogue from Edventure, sponsors of Positive Play Week, by clicking here and entering your details. In the catalogue you will find everything you need to create positive playtimes, not just during Positive Play Week, but forevermore.

And if your nursery already actively promotes positive play and you would like to share what you do, please do email the details, including any pictures (ideally as jpegs) you wish to show, to always, you can place an order with Edventure in a variety of ways, including:

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