Multimedia Workpacks for Design and Technology

The Design & Technology Multimedia Workpacks provide the equivalent of a factory tour and explore different aspects of production from a real world perspective. Each Workpack includes worksheets and a series of short film clips that can be shown to the whole class via a DVD player or viewed by individual pupils across a network. They provide an insight into the issues faced by designers and technologists in real companies.

Worksheets expand on the topics and issues.  These are available as printed sheets for duplicating and also in an electronic version that can be adapted to fit within existing schemes of work. The materials can be used in the classroom but are also appropriate for homework, cover lessons, revision, and to help students who have missed lessons.


Issue 1: Job Production – “Tailor Made”

This workpack looks at handmade products, where the designer and maker are the same person.  Two different businesses, a jewellery maker and a wedding dress designer are profiled to illustrate the process of commissioning by a client, the choice of materials and production method, to the completed product.

Worksheets on: An introduction to job production, Researching your ideas, Design for function, Selecting materials – textiles, Job production – jewellery, Prototyping, Joining materials

Issue 2: Mass Production – “It’s a Plastic World”

Paperfeel designs and manufactures co-extruded polyethylene film to meet the technical, functional, economic and aesthetic requirements of its customers.  These films will typically be used within the packaging industry in the form of sacks, bags, and food wrappings.

Worksheets on: Mass production, Manufacture of polyethylene film, Ensuring quality production, Types and usage of plastics, Materials testing, Selecting materials in packaging

Great value at £42.50 each (plus VAT). P&P is included in the price. If you wish to put the resources on a school-wide network, you will need a site licence for each product priced at £30.50 (plus VAT).

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