What if there was one activity that could endorse the continuation of learning and development at playtimes?

To ensure that children continue to learn and develop at playtimes, it is important that they are offered a wide range of games, activities, and equipment that aim to develop an array of skills. From physical, cognitive, and social skills, to cooperation and team working skills.

The only problem with this concept is that providing a wide range of games, activities, and equipment can be fairly costly, so it makes sense that any that you buy for use at playtimes will develop a number of skills simultaneously.

One which ticks all these boxes is  Giant Mikado – a giant version of the traditional game of pick up sticks.

The rules are the same as pick up sticks but the large scale of the ‘sticks’ changes the game, making it physically challenging and thus improving children’s motor control and agility.

As the giant game is best played by working in pairs or teams, children will also have the opportunity to develop a number of social skills, including cooperation and team working.


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