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Children of all ages care about animals. Establishing links between science and animal welfare can be a great way of stimulating discussion of ethical issues in science.

The way our food is produced is a growing topic of debate and directly relevant to syllabus content such as selective breeding and food chains which feed humans. These issues can be brought to life by discussing different ways of keeping farm animals in organic, free-range or intensive systems.

We have free resources on animal welfare and sustainability in farming to help with all of these. You can order a DVD-ROM or invite a speaker to visit your school by replying to this email. You can also download films and worksheets on our website.

Our regularly updated resources include:

  • The Farm Animals & Us films which compare intensive farming systems with alternative methods of production
  • Science worksheets covering selective breeding and human food chains
  • How Should We Treat Farm Animals? – a card activity designed to promote small group discussion of different systems of production.

If you would like to order a free copy of our Farm Animals & Us DVDROM, with all the resources mentioned, or to invite a local speaker, please just email

If you would like to download these materials directly, including the films, or just to find out more, please go straight to our website which has details of all our resources for science including an archive genetic engineering film.

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Compassion in World Farming

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Some quotes from science teachers

“Gave me a really good lesson … superb for stimulating discussion … pupils have asked to see it again!”Special school science teacher“ … very useful.Prompts discussion well. Well produced. Gets their attention. Good description of the problems experienced by farmed animals.
Head of Biology

“Excellent resource.  Interesting presentation. Wide range of ages and abilities have been engaged by the video.”
Teacher of Biology

“I use the Farm Animals & Us film in science for introducing selective breeding in KS3. Encourages discussion from pupils who are normally quiet.”
Science Teacher