What is the simplest way to ensure that every locker has a key. No matter what

It is a sad, but inescapable fact of school life, that students occasionally lose the key to their locker.  Or “forget” to hand their key back at the end of term.

It’s annoying, but it happens.

Which means you will almost certainly need replacement keys for some of the lockers in the school, and you may even quite possibly need them on a fairly regular basis.

The solution to this problem is simple.  You simply call or email Keysplease, and tell us the code number for the lock in question, (normally stamped on the face of the lock) and we will supply you with keys for that locker.

We can even, if you wish, supply a new lock as well.

And the great benefit is that the locker keys can be supplied for as little as £1 each in some cases, which means that if you charge a deposit of £5.00 per locker, your costs of replacements and administration are covered.  Locks are available from just £5*.

Ordering is simple, by phone, email or direct online.  And there is a full list of the range of makes that we stock, on the web site.  But don’t worry – 99% of the locks in use in UK schools are covered by the manufacturers whose keys we stock.

*Please quote promotional code HH2 to gain these special rates.

Terms and conditions apply. Please call 0208 343 2943 for details, email us at sales@keysplease.co.uk or visit our website www.keysplease.co.uk