How can we strengthen a CV to help students with university placements and employment opportunities?

It is becoming more and more competitive in the real world and after years of study how can we give students an advantage to help with the next chapter of their lives?

Flooglebinder offer structured placements that give students the opportunity to build a range of wider key skills which employers look for, such as: planning, preparation, communication skills, critical thinking, leaderships, adaptability and cultural awareness.

These programmes are also integrated into the curriculum and can incorporate a range of subjects including Science, Maths, Geography, History and Art, as well as higher more specialist subjects such as, Marine Biology, Anthropology, Zoology, Animal Behaviour, Animal Management and Ecology.

Whether students know what they would like to study or would like experience in these subject areas we can customise these trips to meet their objectives from basic field experience to data collection and research. Our study tour programmes are written to cater for the needs of the student outcomes and learning module objectives. We also offer x1 free teachers place for every 10 participating students.

We offer programmes in Borneo, Greece, India, Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, all of which have been tried and tested by us to offer students a secure and safe way to travel, develop and explore, whilst promoting the importance of sustainable travel.

The Flooglebinder team is made up of travel specialists, Marine Biologists, Animal Behaviour and Conservation Lecturers, Field Guides and Dive Masters. We would like to meet with you, and your students, to present Flooglebinder and discuss our amazing projects.

We looking forward to hearing from you.

Brad and Ian

Ian Taylor
Founder and Lecturer
Telephone: 0203 633 0163