A problem with LOtC is that…

…some subjects are easier to teach outside the typical classroom environment than others

Science, history, art and geography are all subjects which can be taught outside the typical classroom environment with relative ease – and it could also be argued that learning in such subjects is actually more effective when lessons take place outside the classroom.

Yet planning lessons outside the classroom can be a little bit more challenging in other subjects, such as literacy and numeracy.

Which is why Edventure has produced the Outdoor Cross Curricular Pack – to provide you with an array of resources that will support you in teaching your pupils about the many and various concepts of literacy and numeracy – outside the typical classroom environment.

The Outdoor Cross Curricular Pack comes in an extra strong storage box and consists of  Alphabet Bean Bags, a Fitness Dice, Foam Can Alley, Giant Wooden Dominoes, Number Bean Bags, Number Cones, Number Markers, a Resistance Parachute, a Starball, and a Target Mat (Including 8 Bean Bags).

Furthermore, we have also produced a number of free downloadable Game Guides, including a Guide to Starball and a Guide to Target Mat, to ensure that your pupils’ outdoor numeracy and literacy lessons are as enjoyable and engaging as possible.

More free downloadable Game Guides can be found accompanying our games, activities, and equipment at www.edventure.co.uk.

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