Why are an increasing number of teachers linking aspects of the curriculum to current affairs publicised in the news?

When we consider that young people of today, according to Demos – an independent think tank, are more politically and socially aware than previous cohorts, it makes sense for the curriculum to be linked to current affairs wherever possible to increase relevancy. Particularly for your G&T pupils.

For in doing this it is possible to inspire a passion among your pupils for a particular subject or topic area, resulting in higher levels of attainment in the said subject.

And with the recent return of NASA’s astronaut, Scott Kelly, from the longest US space mission on record together with Britain’s own pioneer, Tim Peake, currently aboard the International Space Station, now is a better time than any to enthuse your more able pupils with the science of space exploration and all that it entails.

Not to mention the collaboration between European and Russian Space Agencies to launch the ExoMars probe, set to monitor methane levels (which could indicate life) on Mars, blasting off on March 14th.  Right now, missions into space are in the spotlight in the media.  It is certainly an exciting time for any budding astronaut and a golden opportunity for teachers to make lessons about the ‘final frontier’ particularly relevant.

To support you in inspiring and enthusing your pupils with the science and technology involved in adventuring to space (using current affairs), Thinkers In Education has produced a workshop by which you can introduce 60 pupils a day to a deeper STEM experience.

Our Space Pioneers Workshop offers a ‘gamified’ learning experience and requires your pupils to work as a team in high pressure situations in order to fix failing electrics and ensure safe touchdown – before analysing the alien surface upon which they have landed.

The practical activities are designed to complement one another and can be readily adapted to the age, ability, and engagement levels of your pupils by changing the content, pace, guidance, activities, and overall difficulty level to suit.

Now is also a better time than any to book your more able pupils onto our Double Lesson Session Space Pioneers Workshop as we are offering schools a massive 30% discount in April and May (making it less than £9 per pupil).

Double Session Workshops last for two hours and will be delivered twice in a day (30 pupils per session).

Our extended five-hour workshop session, Target: Mars, is also available to primary schools and offers hands-on physics, chemistry, and biology activities which enthuse pupils to view science, engineering, teamwork, and problem-solving in a new light – as pioneers of the future.

You can find more information about the wide range of STEM workshops that we host in schools (including our Spectacular Saturday Workshops) by visiting the links above or www.thinkersineducation.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01603 520866 or email us at events@thinkersineducation.co.uk to make a booking or enquire about any aspect of our work.