Saving time, money, and a whole lot of hassle when ordering games, activities, and equipment for playtimes

When a member of staff approaches you and asks for authorisation to order something, and a different member of staff approaches you the very next day for authorisation to order a similar thing – I can imagine that to describe it as “frustrating” would be an understatement.

For not only could these “things” have been ordered from the same supplier, which would have saved on both time and paperwork, but the school could have saved on the delivery costs and, in many cases, taken advantage of a bulk or wholesale discount.

And so it is for this reason that we are making you aware of our Bumper Playground Pack – so that instead of ordering different playtime games, activities, and equipment from different suppliers, you can get everything you might need from Edventure –

By ordering everything in one go with our Bumper Playground Pack you will save £35.05 (14%), and this does not include the savings that you can make on delivery – which is free, by the way, if you quote HH0515 at the time of order.

The Bumper Playground Pack comes complete with 2D Boules, Ankle Skip, Big Hand Tennis, Catchtails, Cats Cradle, Diabolos, Flipsticks, Foam Flyers, French Skipping, Hoop a Peg, Koosh Balls, Lolo Balls, Mini Footballs, Plastic Stilts, Poly Playground Balls, a Scoop Set, a Shuttleball, Skipping Ropes, Soft Wall Balls, Spinning Plates, a Springy Ball Game, a Starball, Twirling Ribbons, and Whopper Hoppers.

Furthermore, we have also produced a number of free downloadable Game Guides, including Guide to Starball and a Guide to Spinning Plates, so your lunchtime supervisors can be confident in introducing new games to your pupils.

More free downloadable Game Guides can be found to accompany our playtime games, activities, and equipment at

As always, you can place an order with Edventure in a variety of ways, including:

  • on the website
  • by faxing us to 01323 50 10 41
  • by calling us on 01323 50 10 40
  • by emailing us at
  • by post to Edventure Ltd, Hargreaves Business Park, Hargreaves Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN23 6QW