Just how much could your organisation save when ordering Postura Plus chairs and how useful is their TEN year warranty?

Postura one piece classroom chairs have been in use in UK schools and colleges for over 15 years. Every chair carries a TEN year warranty against manufacturing defects…so no maintenance or replacement costs for a decade or more.

This could mean significant financial benefits compared with alternative products.

But that’s not all……….

The Postura Plus range of chairs has been designed not only to be extremely durable but also to encourage good posture for your students, as well as being easy to stack and move from room to room.

Postura Plus chairs are used successfully in thousands of UK schools, often just as a trial in one classroom and then being “rolled out” throughout the school as funds allow.

Postura Plus chairs are available in a range of 15 attractive colours.  The TEN year warranty (and its associated benefits) means that these chairs are likely to be one of the best financial investments that a school or college could ever make.

Further information about Postura Plus chairs including very competitive pricing and how to obtain a sample for evaluation, may be obtained from Central Educational Supplies Ltd., PO Box 999, London E14 6SH

Why not visit their website: www.centraleducational.co.uk or phone 020 7515 1797 and ask to speak to Martin Evans who will do his best to help. You can also email: signpost@talk21.com

PS. In addition to the Postura Plus chairs described above you can also order classroom tables, exam desks, stools etc.