What is the easiest way to make sure that your school is always able to respond to each new issue that arises?

Towards the end of February, the Case for Play enquiry released its report which shows that 90% of parents of disabled children felt that their children did not have the same opportunities to play at school as other children did.

The report made headline news on the BBC which stated that the cause of the problem was both a lack of facilities and the attitude of other children and their parents towards the disabled.

As a result of the publicity around this issue it is more than likely that inspectors and others will be looking closely at equality schemes, accessibility plans, SEN policies, disability policies, and, of course, access policies.

Obviously your school’s policies may set out very clearly the way that you are ensuring that the sort of discrimination that 90% of parents with disabled children are reported to feel cannot exist in your school.

But if there is any doubt that the policies are rigorous enough, you may well be faced with a time-consuming bit of re-writing.

However, there is an alternative solution.

This alternative comes in the shape of Policies for Schools which has available nearly 300 completely up-to-date policy documents, all of which are already in use in a large number of schools.

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