What is the most effective way of helping your pupils not just to decode texts but to comprehend them?

When we consider the many strategies that pupils use to make sense of all the information that they encounter on a daily basis, it is logical that these same strategies should also be used when it comes to understanding what they are reading.

Of course, the problem with this theory is that it is unlikely that children will all use the same strategies.  Which is why we’ve produced the Comprehension Activity Book series for years 1 to 6.

Each activity book contains an array of texts (fiction, non-fiction, poetry…) accompanied by a range of activities to suit your pupils’ preferred comprehension strategy. Activities include circling/ticking the correct answers, composing full sentences, relating the text to their own experiences/empathising with the text, creating a timetable, and drawing illustrations.

The activity books have been designed so that no one is left behind or held back from reaching, or exceeding, their reading comprehension potential. The books ensure that each and every pupil is able to progress at the speed and to the level that is right for them.

You can see sample pages from each of the activity books by clicking on the individual books here.

We have also produced a Comprehension Activity Book for Year 7 which you can use to challenge your Year 6 pupils who have progressed above and beyond expectations.

The activities can either be used with full classes, small groups or individual pupils.

If you are looking at implementing a whole-school comprehension programme using our clear, concise, easy-to-follow and child-friendly Comprehension Activity Books, you can buy all seven books at a discounted price of £112 for the books, £105+VAT for the e-books on a CD, or £84+VAT for the download on our website.

Or if you prefer, you can order the comprehension resources:

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  • By email to sales@topical-resources.co.uk         
  • By post to Topical Resources, P.O. Box329, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5LT