Expand students’ cultural knowledge and improve linguistic ability

Current events and target-language culture have become an ever-increasing presence on MFL specifications over the years. And why shouldn’t they? It goes without saying that those with an affinity for target-language culture have greater motivation to learn the language. And ensuring students are in the loop when it comes to current events and contemporary issues is a sure-fire way to spark this passion.

With the trend set to continue with the impending accreditation of the 2016 GCSE and A Level specifications, no doubt you’re wondering how to ensure that students are sufficiently in the know without compromising on essential language practice.

Fortunately, we have created two fantastic new ranges designed specifically to meet this need!

Introducing Differentiated Topical Articles for GCSE and Topical Articles with Exercises for AS, both available for French, Spanish and German:

A series of up-to-date articles based around the latest events in target-language countries
Activities specifically designed to test the skills needed at GCSE and AS
All articles and activities inspired by the topics and requirements of the new specs – including translation!

To find out more, and to preview and order resources, visit the following links:

Differentiated Topical Articles for GCSE

French: zzed.uk/WW85-GCSE-French
German: zzed.uk/WW85-GCSE-German
Spanish: zzed.uk/WW85-GCSE-Spanish
Topical Articles with exercises for AS

French: zzed.uk/WW85-AS-French
German: zzed.uk/WW85-AS-German
Spanish: zzed.uk/WW85-AS-Spanish
Details of all MFL resources can be found at zzed.uk/WW85-MFL


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