How the Government has recognised our pioneering work with storytelling, and how you can build on it in half a day.

Having the Minister of State for Schools attend one of our school-based storytelling events was indeed a pleasure and a privilege.

Then finding him referring to our research in a subsequent speech was not only unexpected, but also a very pleasant bonus for Snail Tales.

There are links to the Minister’s speech and our research below, but please stay with me for a moment as I’d like to tell you just a little about what we can do with you in just half a day.

Research shows that children who love reading outperform their peers throughout the curriculum. And because a love of reading starts with a love of story, Snail Tales visit schools to help develop an enjoyment of stories among all children.

Our repertoire is mind-bogglingly huge and includes topics as diverse as Ancient Greece, what causes earthquakes, and how to deal with bullies. And, of course, that makes it perfect if you’re looking to introduce your children to the art of storytelling!

All you need to do is contact us with a selection of your preferred dates, number and ages of your children, and your aims for the day. We’ll then let you know how your children will benefit from our storytelling in their classrooms.

A typical half-day visit, comprising class workshops for up to 150 children (30 children in each class) and/or assembly-style performances for any number, costs just £250 plus 25p per mile travel from the location of our nearest available storyteller – and there’s no VAT to pay either!

And there is a 20% discount on any half-day visit if you are happy for us to collect data for the research the Minister mentioned related to storytelling.  Plus there are other discounts for booking multiple days and adjusted costs for full-day events.

To get things moving please do click here for our online enquiry form. We’ll be more than happy to help ensure you get the best possible arrangement for your school. For example, some schools take two weeks of our storytelling workshops for the price of one.

Others get between £50 and £90 discount – please do fill in the form and we’ll help you find the best arrangement to meet your needs.

If you would like to see what the Minister spoke about in relation to the importance of storytelling, that is here as well.

For more information, please click here. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 328 SNAIL (020 328 76245), or email