What is the most effective way of ensuring that your pupils are on track for the new key stage two tests?

The inconsistent rate at which children develop their academic abilities makes predicting their performance and the outcomes of the new key stage two tests somewhat of a challenge.

Which is what makes measuring and tracking progress throughout Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 so important – so changes in the rate of their development can be taken into account when predicting your pupils’ key stage two test outcomes.

Of course, you and your colleagues will already have an established system for tracking the progress of your pupils in each year and subject area. However, such systems are unlikely to tell you how your school compares with others and where you should target interventions.

It is for this reason that we have developed Optional Tests – to help you assess your key stage two pupils’ progress accurately, reliably and on a much larger scale.

Optional Tests are tests that can be used alongside a wide range of approaches to assessment and reporting, which means you don’t have to abandon your current progress tracking procedure in order to improve it.

The tests will help you measure your pupils’ strengths, weaknesses, and potential, and when they are used alongside our Testbase ready-made assessments you will be able to make accurate judgements, provide support, and produce a range of diagnostic reports.

Our tests reflect the content of the new National Curriculum and the style of the new national tests for Key Stage 2. They have been through a vigorous standardisation process – we’ve worked with over 100 schools to produce the questions and the mark schemes.

Once your pupils have completed the tests, simply upload your pupils’ marks into our free online mark-capture and reporting app. We will then produce real-time diagnostics which will tell you how your school compares with others, what your pupils’ strengths and weaknesses are, where you should target interventions, and whether you pupils are on track*

*Available once the new Key Stage 2 national curriculum test (SATs) standard is established.

You can find more information about Optional Tests by visiting our website or calling us on 0845 145 1500.