How to host your own Science Week workshops during Science Week 2016.

Hosting your own Science Week workshops can very often work out to be a more cost-effective option than hiring external presenters every day of Science Week (11-20 March) and can be a great opportunity for you to try out new approaches.

Of course, in order to inspire a love for science among your students it’s vital to differentiate your workshops from the typical science lessons that your students attend on a daily-weekly basis.

This can be readily achieved by, for example, inviting other teachers and classes to join your workshops and jettisoning the usual lesson format/routine and curriculum for a short period of time.

Furthermore, organising exciting new experiments, perhaps with equipment that your students haven’t used before, can be highly effective in encouraging your students to explore new concepts and will provoke discussions and generate excitement.

And this is where we can help, as Thinkers in Education (who regularly host STEM workshops in schools) have selected a range of fantastic cost-effective resources and activities that you can use for your own science workshops, not only during Science Week but throughout the year.

The STEM Box 1 Collection contains all the resources you need to host three entirely different hour-long through to day-long workshops, including the apparatus, worksheets, presentations, lesson guides, quizzes… and so on.

Workshop titles include: “The Amazing Mirascope Experiments”, “Water Rockets Away” and “Caving Conundrum Investigations”.

You can find more information about our STEM workshop kits and order The STEM Box 1 Collection from our Resource Shop at Or, if you’d prefer, you can order the workshop resources and activities separately.

If you would like to know more about our STEM resources, or indeed, if you would like to host any of the STEM workshops that we run, please call us on 01603 520866 or email