What is the most effective way of helping your pupils make sense of learning?

It is normal for children to grasp the various concepts of the curriculum at different stages throughout their primary education. Yet the curriculum sets out the timeframe that pupils have to fully understand these concepts with very little room for compromise.

This, of course, presents a dilemma, particularly for those pupils who aren’t just finding one subject or topic area difficult to grasp, but are having difficulty keeping up with a wide array of concepts across the primary curriculum.

One method which has been known to aid the learning of children who are finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of the curriculum is the use of multi-sensory learning. Which is why we have produced the Multi Sensory Pack.

The Multi Sensory Pack can be used to support pupils in all aspects of their learning, from numeracy and literacy to drama and PSHE. It enables pupils to exercise a kinaesthetic approach to learning, leading to a greater understanding and improved attainment.

Using the items in the pack for learning purposes has also proven to be beneficial when it comes to engaging pupils who typically appear disinterested with their learning.

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