A comprehensive free guide to the requirements of the new national curriculum tests

Testbase has produced an informative guide to help teachers navigate the requirements of the new national curriculum tests.

The guide contains key information about the curriculum and how it will be assessed with all the information based on the statutory test frameworks.

Details of how to obtain a free copy are given below.

We’ve also produced a set of mid-year tests that provide progress checks within the new framework. These tests will be available to download free of charge for all schools with a current complete Testbase subscription in February. Again there are details through the links below.

What’s more, Testbase has been updated so that it is ready to help you deliver good assessment across the primary years.

You can use it to prepare targeted and differentiated resources, whether formalised topic tests, progress checking homework, or classroom assignments.

There are 12,000 questions aligned to the yearly objectives from the national curriculum and 2016 test frameworks. We have also included plenty of new items specially commissioned to fill the gaps so you know you have full coverage of the program of study.

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