86% of school buildings contain asbestos, yet 44% of teachers are unaware that their school is one.

Naturally, as time goes on, buildings age. And whilst this might increase their value, it also increases the likelihood of the building containing substances which have been found to harm the health of those inhabiting it on a regular basis.

Kevin Courtney, NUT general Secretary, reported that between 200 and 300 former school children and a rising number of teachers die of mesothelioma each year, thought to be caused by the asbestos found in 86% of school building across the UK.

NUT lead on asbestos, Sarah Lyons, commented, “The asbestos that’s in our schools now is getting older and older, so it’s deteriorating and if it’s in a poor condition then it’s in a more dangerous state”

So where does the responsibility lie?

The responsibility for managing asbestos in schools lies with the duty holder, this is normally the employer which in state schools is often the local authority. For academies, free schools, voluntary-aided and foundation schools, it will be the school governors, proprietor or trustees.

It is important that all staff, particularly those responsible for the running of the buildings, are made aware of the potential hazards.  All staff should be instructed not to disturb or damage asbestos containing materials, Damage to school fixtures or fittings that could lead to the release of asbestos fibres need to be reported.

How does the school know if there is asbestos present and how does it manage it?

The Asbestos Man is able to work with you to devise and implement a comprehensive Asbestos policy that starts with a consultation, followed by a full site survey including the analysis of any suspect materials. We will compile a user friendly report containing photographs, annotated plans and the appropriate recommendations from the survey findings. Where asbestos has been identified we will then work with you to put in place a management plan so that the occupants of the premises are protected.

We can’t afford a full survey

For schools where budget does not allow a full site survey we can in many cases update an existing survey.

Did you know?
It is a legal requirement to undertake a refurbishment or demolition survey for asbestos containing materials prior to any works taking place.

If you have any enquiries regarding asbestos please do not hesitate to call:-

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