Snacking is commonplace in Britain, and so children think it is natural. Does it matter? What should we do?

Children snack because that is what they see their parents and their peers do. It has become a normal part of life in Britain.

Having a snack, therefore, is often not a response to hunger (although many children will claim to be “starving” at any time of the day). Rather it is a cultural activity. It is common in some countries, virtually unknown in others.

In essence there is nothing much wrong with snacking in itself, but there is everything wrong with snacking too much and with snacking on the wrong foods.

And this is where the problem arises, because many children (along with many of their parents) simply don’t know what foods are healthy and which ones are not.

Which is why it is important that we help children to discover healthier food during childhood, rather than the foods that may lead them into overeating and ultimately being overweight (an issue for 64% of the UK population, according to Health England’s report in 2014).

And this is why we have set up Tasty Tuck Shop – a simple-to-run school tuck shop based entirely on healthy food and drink.

You pick and choose the snacks you sell, meaning your Tuck Shop stays varied and appealing – and your teaching colleagues can help the children understand more about the healthier options that the shop offers.

We make a Tuck Shop simple to set up, there are no set up forms, etc, and we supply posters, nutritional information, stands to display products, and an example letter to give to parents.

The snacks sell for as little as 35p, and our ‘Healthy Range’ fully complies with the new ‘National School Food Standards’ that were introduced January 2015.

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