What children do in wet playtimes has become an issue of debate among some parents. Fortunately a solution is easy to find.

Wet playtimes existed long before we became aware of climate change.  But climate change has made the chance of a prolonged series of indoor playtimes and lunchtimes much more likely.

Indeed, wet playtimes have now become something of an issue, with campaigning websites such as MumsNet and NetMums launching campaigns for schools to engage in what they call “more positive” educational activities on these days.

Interestingly, many of the ideas that the campaigning parent sites put forward are ones that we will all have seen before and which are well established in most schools.

However, because of the change in weather patterns Edventure has been at the forefront of researching and finding low cost resources that can be used on such occasions, giving children a break from formal education while offering stimulating and interesting activities.

As a result, we have a whole variety of wet playtime packs suitable for different types of school – and if you want an overview please do click here.

There are details of specific packs both in our catalogue and online – for example, the Primary Wet Playtime Pack, which has significant discounts against buying the games individually, includes chess, doodle scenes, draughts, frog hoppers, ludo, make a pair, pick up sticks, cards, secret code, shut the box, etc, etc.  More details here.

The Junior Wet Playtime Pack is aimed for use with older children, and once again is available at a discount on the cost of purchasing individual games.  You can see the list of games and an illustration of what’s in the box here.

Of course, there are always some games that children choose as their favourites, and we’ve selected the most popular of all the wet playtime games and put them in one collection – again with a significant discount against the individual purchase price.

Finally there is our unique Playtime Value Pack which contains the four most popular board games of all: chess, ludo, snakes & ladders, and draughts.  As before there is a significant discount for buying the pack rather than individual games.  Here are the details.

What’s more, if you’re reviewing your current wet playtime policy, Edventure has written a policy document to support schools with this process. For a copy of the document, please click here.

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