Imagine a musical instrument that anyone can play immediately, but which can also be used to create every type of music imaginable.

Give most children a chance to paint or draw and they’ll take it.   Give them a chance to dance, and they will throw themselves into it.

Of course the same technique can be used with music in terms of percussion, but a percussion instrument in the hands of a child has a far smaller range of possibilities than the child will find in dance, painting etc.

So how can we introduce special needs children to the infinite variety of options and possibilities that music has to offer?

This was the question we faced, and which led to the development of the Skoog, a musical instrument that can bring forth an infinite array of sounds without any preparation or practise, but which can be developed and refined over time to produce the most magnificent results.

As a result everyone can be involved in music, creativity comes to the fore, there is a focus on self-directed learning to see how the instrument works, and concentration is enhanced.

If you would like to see more about how and what this instrument is and what it can do just take a look at this

You will see how the Skoog promotes inclusive music practice and musical expression, boosts learning, creativity and language development, improve concentration, and co-ordination.

It is mountable, robust and can be played with any part of the body, including using the student’s own voice to explore sequencing and vocal interaction and it can be customised to the individual for a wide range of interaction possibilities

It is also a valuable tool for non-verbal communication and self-expression, which is easily personalised to maximise emotional engagement and participation and helps to encourage self-awareness, empathy and social skills

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