The huge benefit of not rebooking the same photographer year after year.

When your school photographer comes to take pictures of the children in your school each year, it is quite likely that he or she will invite you to sign up for pictures to be taken the following year.

And if you were happy with the work, there will seem to be no reason not to.

Except that if you were to change photographers you could have the work done for the same price as you are now paying and get a full school photograph as well, at absolutely no extra cost.

Full school photographs make a superb memento of this year in the school – showing as they do all your colleagues plus all the children and their teachers.  And you can have just such a picture at absolutely no charge whatsoever.

All you have to do is not rebook your current school photographer (or indeed cancel the booking if you wish) and invite Fraser Portraits to undertake the work.

You’ll have your existing price guaranteed, we’ll undertake all the work your current supplier offers, and you’ll get the full school photo at absolutely no charge.

What’s more, we’ll produce the full school photo without disrupting the entire school, without taking everyone outside, without stopping lessons, without waiting for the right weather, etc, etc.

The full school photo can be placed in the school hall, in the waiting area so parents can see it, or indeed in your own room.

Apart from being a reminder of the school as it now is, it makes a clear statement about the school as a community – something that, of course, many parents value and like to see.  Have the picture taken each year and you can trace the developing history of the school.

Additional copies are also available for a small charge.  And here’s another bonus – you’ll find us particularly flexible over dates and willing to work across two days if that makes life easier for you.

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