Managing your Private Funds
Istek UK Ltd, 3 St Ursula’s Close, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP1 3FY

Phone: 01722 413255
Fax number: 01722 568262

The Private Funds Manager software helps manage your trips, clubs, performances, lockers, fund raising and all aspects of the school fund. It’s quick and easy to setup, and straightforward to enter information and generate reports.

  • Synchronises automatically with Sims for pupil information (PFM is a partner product of
  • Processes money in and out and prints receipts if required
  • Includes a free of charge, zero fee method for internet payments
  • But also links with all online payment systems like Parentpay so you don’t have to re enter details
  • Pay by cash, cheque, cards or BACS
  • Balances bank accounts easily with a simple ticking system
  • Creates trips reports and all financial reports, with a simple year end
  • Send emails and letters automatically for trips and other accounts

Please see our website for details or phone 01722 413255 and mention mailer X2.

PFM is priced at just £195 for primary and £395 for secondary schools.