What is the simplest way of selling or giving away equipment and resources that the school no longer needs?

Many schools have items that are in a good condition but which for various reasons are no longer required.

However, they could be exactly what some other school wants. They might be exercise books, kitchen warmer units, equipment removed from teaching rooms during a refurbishment, some older but still fully functional computers, office furniture – in fact absolutely anything.

So how can they be offered to other schools without running up significant advertising costs?

The solution is simple: advertise on Savings for Schools – a free service for schools throughout the UK run by the School of Educational Administration and Management (SEAM).

Savings for Schools advertises services and products that will be of interest to teachers and school managers via Facebook and Twitter.  And to re-iterate the point, it is completely free.

All the advertising work is undertaken by the SEAM – all you have to do is provide us with one or more adverts for your products.

All orders and requests for further information will come direct to you, and there will be no costs for you – no upfront charges, no agency commission, no commitment to do anything else, no nothing.

Savings for Schools is a new venture, and thus far we have been putting up occasional notices from commercial companies as well as some news stories.  This is the first time we’ve offered the service free of charge to schools as well.

If you would like to see what Savings for Schools looks like just go onto Twitter and Facebook and in the search box enter Savings for Schools.

To become part of Savings for Schools all you have to do is send in your advert/s as a Word file to Jenny@hamilton-house.com and give us details of your school’s name and address, for our records.

Jenny Burrows
Savings for Schools

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