Where can I find the national bank of assessment questions for Literacy?

It was perhaps a little strange that the Final Report of the Commission on Assessment Without Levels asked for something that was already there when it recommended the creation of a “national item bank of assessment questions.”

But such things happen, and Testbase, developed by teachers to provide schools with valid and reliable resources to rise to the challenge set by the Commission, is certainly available.

All the content is from National Curriculum tests in Literacy (end of key stage, optionals, and DfE samples) categorised according to the new National Curriculum objectives.

Additional material has been developed by National Curriculum Test Developers. As for the software, that has been developed and evolved to meet the exact requirements of the teachers who use it.

As a result you can create tailor-made assessments that can be used formatively or summatively, print ready-made assessments, prepare pupils for test conditions, use Testbase for guided reading, meet Ofsted and DfE requirements, and centralise your school’s assessments through the online library.

In the in-school formative assessment you can search for questions covering the topic or skill you are teaching, and filter by level of demand.​

For the end of topic and termly assessments you can search for questions covering the topic or skill, drag selected questions into a new document, and then save that document to a library to share with colleagues.

While for the end of year assessments you can obtain detailed feedback on progress with high quality printed tests, create diagnostic and comparative reports, and review year on year progress.

In total, Testbase provides online access to over 7,500 KS1–KS3 test questions, mark schemes and examiner comments. The questions come from SATs papers from 1995 to 2015 and are mapped to NC2014. DfE sample tests are also included.

There is more information on our website.

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