An opportunity for sixth form boys: Mentoring Male – mentoring work with boys and young men

How to effectively engage young males with education and provide routes into employment and socially responsible adulthood is a concern of many professions.

Education is also a recognised social determinant of health; boys and young men are consistently outperformed by girls and young women in schools and universities. Health improvement also means action on increasing educational opportunity.

Mentoring offers an evidence-based approach to work with young men –  helping young men to achieve their academic and vocational potential,  addressing  the new Ofsted framework and concerns related to problematic behaviours – and providing go-to support and signposting to other services.

Your sixth form young men

The Unit Award in Mentoring Boys and Young Men is a Level 2 award providing your sixth formers with an understanding of mentoring work. The unit considers:

  • the rationale for work with young males
  • a strengths-based approach to work with young males
  • the role of the mentor
  • qualities desirable in a mentor
  • primary tasks of a mentor
  • dealing with disclosure/safeguarding
  • setting boundaries in mentor-mentee relationships
  • building and sustaining mentor-mentee relationships
  • goal setting and outcomes

The outcome is that your sixth formers will have received training enabling them to peer-mentor boys in lower year groups. This not only strengthens their employability skills and student leadership within the school, but helps to raise the overall achievement of all boys and young men involved.

The workshop covering the award criteria is 4 hours long. Each sixth former undertaking the award will be provided with their own copy of the Mengage course book: Mentoring Male: A guide to mentoring work with boys and young men. A Level 2 certificate will be issued upon completion.

The workshop costs £495 for up to 15 sixth formers+ £45 per person for accreditation + reasonable travel costs.  Discounts for more than 15 sixth formers.

Mengage is committed to your school’s development; if this is something you would like to discuss or you have other concerns regarding the health or education of young men, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you for your time.

Liam Kernan & Paul Hopkins
BEd (Hons)      RGN, MSc (Men’s Health)

01905 570180