Storytelling is as old as civilisation, which is why the story is the ideal way to learn about Cambridgeshire’s history and characters.

It’s hard to imagine anyone who has not been fascinated by stories, whether told in the traditional manner or in children’s programmes on TV.  Children in all cultures, in all countries, love stories.

Indeed the story is something that never leaves us, whether we are captivated by novels, plays, films, or TV dramas. Most people retain the love of the story throughout all their lives.

And it is this universal love of the story that gives us a hint as to why we should use stories as one of our means of teaching, especially when dealing with local history and events.

Many of the stories we tell in Cambridgeshire schools have to do with local places and characters – indeed, The History Press are publishing these stories as a book, Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children, next year.

If you would like to see some evidence of the power of the story in terms of children’s learning and read about the research into why stories work as teaching aids, or indeed if you would like to know more about our work in schools, please click here.

You’ll be able to see just why schools across the county invite us in to tell stories to different classes.

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