Experts (who by and large have never worked in a school) love to say that we should be more efficient in our use of time.

But really, is that practical in a school?  Much of the time we are overtaken by events, meaning we have little chance of planning a carefully laid course towards a better use of each day.

And yet, when one focuses on one’s own use of time, there is often one simple change that can be made and which has an immediate impact.

All one needs to do is take one time-consuming area of work and deal with it once and for all, freeing up time that either can be spent on another activity or indeed on recovering from the trials and tribulations of the working day.

The solution I’ve worked on involves school policies. We know they have to be checked against the latest legislation and government guidance, updated, monitored, and re-worked as circumstances change. But why not let someone else do it?

To see the benefit that could come from this, imagine a scenario in which you have instant access to a fully prepared policy on each and every issue within the school, all on a single website. You could then download it and have it up and running in your school – all within minutes.

But, you might think, what happens if there is a new issue that is only just beginning to impact upon schools?  How would one get access to a policy for that?

The answer in this case is simple: if the policy doesn’t exist already, it will be created to your order.  And as legislation and expectations change, so the policies are always updated without you having to re-write anything at all!

Fortunately, this scenario is not a fantasy. There is a website that hundreds of schools across the UK use in this way.  It is called Policies for Schools. It has over 280 school policies, and you can see all the policies that are available and some sample school policy documents by visiting our website.

So if you wish to subscribe to our service, or would like more information, please: