What is the most effective way of reducing the likelihood of opportunists stealing your school’s laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets?

A couple of month ago a School Crime Report was released revealing that in 2014 30,000 crimes were reported in schools – 43% of which involved theft.

As with most crimes, the culprits were opportunists. And your school’s ICT classroom, where portable, high value items such as laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and tablets are stored, presents the perfect opportunity for thieves.

One way that you can protect your school from these crimes is, of course, by improving security with, for example, CCTV and burglar alarms, but the most effective (and least expensive) way to protect your school from opportunists is by removing the opportunity.

This can be achieved by ensuring that at the end of each day your school’s devices are out of sight, housed in a charging trolley with a secure locking system which can then be taken to a location within the school which either has heightened security or is unlikely to be sought out as a source of IT equipment – or, indeed, both.

Our charging trolleys are ideal for housing and charging an array of school devices for not only are they secure, but they are also safe in terms of the reduced risk that they pose to your pupils and colleagues compared to other traditional charging trolleys.

This is because the trolley’s robust ABS plastic shell (which is, of course, non-conductive) will ensure that electrical faults are isolated at once. And as the trolley is 70% lighter than a traditional metal charging trolley, it can also reduce the risk of injury when it’s being wheeled from A to B.

Our plastic charging trolley is also safer for the environment, as the built-in Power Management system features an energy-saving timer module which will help to reduce your school’s carbon footprint. Not to mention that the trolley is 100% recyclable.

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Ashley Hutton