Disability awareness workshops for pupils

A day of workshops for groups of pupils throughout your school
Engaging and thought-provoking workshops for pupils
Essential for schools that want to challenge prejudice and promote disability equality
Price: £800+vat

Delivered by a dedicated ally of disabled people, these workshops will help pupils to:
learn more about disability and human rights
be clear on law and policy for disabled children’s education
hear disabled people’s perspectives
identify common stereotypes and some of the prejudices disabled people face
explore a range of views of what disability is, who is disabled and what disables them
reflect on a range of disability labels
review language and terminology used and the effect this can have on disabled people’s identities
ask sensitive questions anonymously
understand, and respond to, society’s “culture of indifference”
learn about disabled people who have made a difference
become advocates for disability equality

Pupils and staff who attended a similar workshop said:
“Excellent and informative”
“It certainly made me consider the way I think.”
How long is each workshop?

Ideally 40 minutes, but workshops can be made shorter or longer to fit in with the structure of your school day.

How many workshops will you deliver?

We can deliver up to six workshops in a day; this, too, can be adapted to fit in with the structure of your school day.

How many pupils should there be in each group?

The workshops are interactive and will be more effective if there are 15-20 pupils in each group.

What year groups are these workshops for?

We offer these workshops to primary and secondary schools and adapt the content and presentation according to the age of pupils we work with.

Does a member of staff need to stay with the group?

Yes, we ask that a member of staff is present at each workshop.

Will you need any equipment?

A computer and projector would be helpful.
To request a booking, please email the following information to admin@csie.org.uk

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Disability awareness workshops for pupils

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