Online keyboard skills development from the UK’s leading specialists

Online keyboard skills development from the UK’s leading specialists

What provision is your school making for improving your pupils’ keyboard skills?

I expect that, if your school is like most others, you now require your pupils to use a computer for their school work more than ever before.  By learning fast and accurate keyboard skills, pupils work quicker, more confidently and are able to focus more on learning than on text production.  And if pupils are able to type their assignments, their work is more legible for teachers who have to mark them.

Meanwhile, Ofqual has already been making noises about the future computerisation of exams.  When the inevitable happens, and all or most exams are computer based, will your pupils be ready?

As a leading specialist in online keyboard skills training in schools, we can help you.  We have a range of schemes for schools to meet every requirement and every budget – even if you don’t have one!

Our courseware resides in the cloud (i.e., it is Internet based) which means that there is no software to install.  Pupils can use it on any computer with a broadband connection, 24/7, so there is no need to steal time from the school timetable.

All pupils’ progress is tracked, so you can monitor success rates as and when you wish.  And our online service is completely secure – there are no distracting pop-up advertisements and no cookies or other incursions to infiltrate your computers.

Our options include:-

  • A ‘Pay-by-User’ scheme for small numbers of pupils from £6 per head;
  • Annual licence schemes for larger numbers of pupils from just £195 per year;
  • An income generation scheme, ideal if a budget is not available;
  • Electronic typing assessments with customised and personalised certificate;
  • Our ‘total’ service, where we manage and deliver everything for you remotely, from just £595 per year.

We even have a professional course for teachers with the option of online personal tutoring.

Would you like to know more?  If so, please email us with a very brief description of your interest and we will send you a link to our electronic Schools’ Brochure and our Price List.  We would be very glad to hear from you, whether you need keyboard skills training for 1 pupil, or 1001!

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