A handbook for preventing Radicalisation and Terrorism

Your students may well know what terrorists do,
but do they know why they do it?

Anyone with access to a media outlet will know that the UK has a fundamental problem with its teenagers and young adults becoming radicalised by the various terrorist groups acting against the ways of the western world.

So much has this radicalisation of our young become a problem in recent years that, as part of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, schools must now implement anti-radicalisation measures to help prevent young people from being drawn into terrorism.

However, there is a problem with this, which John Horgan of Georgia State University and author of The Psychology of Terrorism expresses:

“At a time when teachers are expected to do their part in preventing and reporting radicalization in their communities, there are virtually no resources to help understand and teach the complexity of terrorism in a way that is objective, balanced and accessible.”

In response to this, Alison Jamieson and Jane Flint have produced a masterful handbook which provides teachers with the means to support their pupils in recognising, debating, and disrupting extremist narratives within the context of the classroom.

Radicalisation and Terrorism is a reliable and objective resource that covers issues of citizenship, human rights and respect, civil and political engagement, the nature of identity, and how we identify with others.

It examines different forms of violence from bullying to the most recent examples of 21st century terrorism and explores what terrorists do and why they do it; how to differentiate between the reasons, goals and methods of terrorists; why the media and terrorism are inextricably linked; what makes terrorism start and what factors bring terrorism to an end.

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