Le Tour De France in Your school 2016

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French Theatre in Your School in 2016.


Positive French for Year 7, 8 and 9 French students. A live French theatre performance in your school will encourage students to enjoy learning French. They will love the humour while watching the energetic and visual tale of the trials and tribulations of George and Chantalle on their quest for their dreams.

Listening becomes easy when the actions are linked to the words. Students can recognise similar words in the English language and French words they have been taught in the classroom. Repetition of keywords and actions results in a selection of mental triggers that help move the phrases from their short term into their long term memory.

When students are encouraged to interact with the characters in French, students can overcome their shyness, actively joining in with the performance and feeling more confident when returning to the classroom.

The performance GRABS the attention of the students’ minds so much that they are more willing to learn French and are amazed how cool French is (even the Year 9’s!).

This is achieved via the highly visual nature of the performance, involving mime, music and circus skills.

(Inspired by discussion and comments from two students, aged 10 and 15, in two different North Yorkshire schools , one year after a performance of Bon Voyage.)

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