Imagine the whole school

Imagine a whole school picture… without the hassle of getting everyone together.

In recent years, the whole school picture has, sadly, become a bit of a thing of the past. 

Whereas it used to be customary for an image of the whole school to be taken every few years and then hung in the school hall or in the reception area, for many schools today the production of such a picture is seen as too much of a problem or too expensive.

And this is a shame, not least because a series of whole school photos taken over many years will invariably have a huge impact on visitors to the school.  For such photographs impart a sense of continuity, permanence, and style.

And today it is a fact that the taking of a whole school photograph is easier and a lot less expensive than it has ever been.

Furthermore, and quite amazingly, there is no need for a complicated rig to be set up for everyone to sit or stand on together.  Nor does there need to be any great disruption to the school timetable as there is no longer any need to get everyone together at the same time. 

Now I can understand that this might seem impossible – to have a full school picture taken without all the disruption, setting up the rig, and gathering everyone together.  But indeed, it can be done.

What’s more, the whole production is now less expensive than ever before because of the new techniques involved.

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Roy Fraser