It’ll stop them losing it

When it comes to students losing their keys or cards, how can your school save time and money on organising a replacement?

The answer lies not with organising a replacement, but instead with preventing your students from losing their locker key, lunch card, or registration card, for example, in the first place.

And an increasing number of secondary schools are finding that issuing their students with lanyards (so they can keep everything together and on them at all times) is an effective way of reducing the incidence of students losing such important items.

Saving schools a significant amount of time and money on organising replacements.

Image Logo regularly supplies secondary schools with lanyards for their students that have on them the school’s branding (including its name and contact details). This ensures that, if a student does actually manage to lose it, there’s a reasonable chance that it will be returned to the school.

We have a choice of lanyards in our range, including:

Ribbon Lanyards

Top Lanyards

And 10mm Lanyards.

You can find more information about our lanyards at the website links above. If you require any other information or have any questions please do email or call 01323 745710.

Delivery normally takes 15-20 working days from artwork approval, but just in case time is tight we do have a wide range of Express items which could be turned around in 5 days (from artwork approval).

What’s more, if you are looking at getting any other branded items for your school, Image Logo UK Ltd has a wide range of different products available, all of which can be marked up with any details of the school that you wish. You can see the whole range on our e-book.

Nicole Carter