FAO the Literacy Co-ordinator – Theatre plays an important part in British culture.

Why a trip to the theatre can inspire an interest for children’s literature.

The tradition of British Theatre stretches back to the Mystery Plays of the 10th century, and there are good arguments to suggest that it is the most enduring and popular of all the art forms in the UK.  Indeed along with Broadway in New York, London’s theatre land is one of the two pre-eminent centres of theatre in the world.

Which is perhaps the strongest reason there is for taking children to see live theatrical productions.  The only question is, which performance should one take the children to?

Perhaps top of the list will always be a theatre performance that is taken from children’s literature, and indeed with The Railway Children, we have a drama that is inspiring and endlessly engaging for children and which of course they can experience through the film and the book as well as at the theatre.

Our production is staged in a brand new 1000 seat theatre at King’s Cross, built around a real train track, with a vintage locomotive that steams into the theatre to really bring it to life.

What’s more, we offer all schools a unique experience by hosting a drama workshop after the curtain closes, which can be undertaken on a class by class basis within the school or at the King’s Cross theatre itself.

Each workshop lasts for just under an hour and is adapted to suit the age of the class attending. By bringing sections of the script to life we will enhance the children’s experience of the show, which will encourage them to write engagingly about the production and their experience.

The Railway Children drama workshops are available for all primary schools that bring 60 or more children to The Railway Children stage show. And workshops for smaller groups are available in the theatre foyer before the performance.

Additionally our Education Guide includes activities for teachers and students and behind-the-scenes interviews with the writer and the director. To download our education pack, please click here.

The ticket cost for The Railway Children production is £16.50 per person, and if you opt for the workshop too, there is a small additional cost of £3 per child (providing there is a minimum number of 60 attendees for the workshop).

To get a taste of what the show is all about, you can watch our short trailer here. 

There is more information on our website or you can contact us on 020 7420 9700 or email enquiries@groupline.com.

To book a workshops or to create your very own bespoke workshop please contact Ellen Bott, West End Creative Learning Manager at ellenbott@theambassadors.com