How to maintain the children’s daily routine when outdoor play isn’t an option.

Perhaps the most important aspect of playtime for children at Sure Start centres is that it feels different from the rest of the day. 

But of course, when it is very cold or raining the normal routine of playtime is disrupted.  Which is why increasing numbers of Sure Start centres have introduced a wet playtime policy.

There is a dual point to this. First, it ensures that all colleagues know exactly what the routine is when it is wet outside during playtime.

Second, it ensures that for the children, playtime still feels like playtime. It is still a break from the other activities that the children undertake during the day.

This means that the Sure Start centre should have a range of indoor play activities that are entirely different from those they use as part of active learning or learning-through-play.  The change of activity which children get during clement weather is maintained.

As a result of providing a set of entirely different play activities to be used only at wet playtimes, the concept of a “break” is maintained, and children then return to their regular indoor activities once playtime is over.  Even though they haven’t been outside.

It is for this reason that Edventure regularly supplies Sure Starts with an Infant Wet Playtime Pack, specifically designed for young children, which contains a total of 18 games for just £70. Additionally, this particular pack comes with a free colour and shape game.

You can find our full range of wet play packs on our website.

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