Connecting with the human interest

Videos that will support your students’ understanding of the complex concepts in psychology and mental health lessons.

Using personal accounts in psychology lessons typically has far more of an impact on students’ understanding and the ability to retain information than dry statistics or book work.

This is because, for the most of us, we connect with the human interest.

In response to this, MHTV has produced a whole range of DVDs which contain personal accounts so that students are able to develop a greater understanding of the complex concepts they are required to learn in psychology and mental health lessons.

DVD titles include:

Psychological Defence Mechanisms for students who are required to understand defence mechanisms. It looks at denial, projection, regression, and repression.

Clinical Case Studies: Volume Four which explores four case studies of psychosis from symptoms to treatment, including symptoms of delusional perceptions, paranoid delusions and auditory hallucinations.

And Phobia: Volume One – a case study exploring a severe avoidance behaviour that effects a person’s everyday life, including her relationships with others. The programme follows her successful treatment using psychological techniques.

You can order any of the above titles online at or by email to

What’s more, by using the discount code save2015 when you order these titles, we will reduce the cost by 10%.