From decoding to comprehension

Activity books that will support your pupils on the journey from decoding to comprehension and on to critical thinking.

In order for your pupils to become confident in their comprehension abilities, they must first be confident in their ability to decode texts. Once decoding has been mastered they are well on their way to becoming confident in their comprehension abilities.

Towards the end of their primary school career, an ability to think critically about texts will also be established where they will be pondering questions, such as: “what does the writer really mean?” and “why has the writer chosen to use these words?”

With Topical Resources’ Comprehension Activity Books for Year 1 to Year 6 you can support your pupils with this journey, all the way from decoding texts, to comprehending texts, to thinking critically about texts.

You can see sample pages from each of the activity books by clicking on the links below:

Comprehension Activity Book – Year 1

Comprehension Activity Book – Year 2

Comprehension Activity Book – Year 3

Comprehension Activity Book – Year 4

Comprehension Activity Book – Year 5

Comprehension Activity Book – Year 6

We have also produced a Comprehension Activity Book for Year 7 which you can use to challenge your Year 6 pupils who have progressed above and beyond expectations.

The activities can either be used with full classes, small groups, or individual pupils and are available in three formats:

  • Black and White Photocopiable book (£17.95)
  • Full colour PDF e-book on a CD (£15.95+VAT)
  • Or you can download the PDF straight from our website (£13.95+VAT)

If you are looking at implementing a whole-school Comprehension programme using our clear, concise, easy-to-follow and child-friendly Comprehension Activity Books, you can buy all seven books at a discounted price of £112 for the books, £105+VAT for the e-book on a CD, or £84+VAT for the download on our website.

Or if you’d prefer, you can order the comprehension resources:

  • By phone on 01772 863158
  • By fax at 01772 866153
  • By email to         
  • By post to Topical Resources, P.O. Box329, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire PR3 5LT