What is the most effective way of offering pupils healthy snacks without yet another financial burden to the school?

Recent reports from schools have suggested that an increasing number of children who are eligible to receive hot school lunches as part of the DfE’s free school meals scheme are reverting back to bringing in their own packed lunches.

A possible reason for this is because children, quite simply, enjoy snacking. A typical lunchbox will consist of a sandwich, an apple, a yoghurt, a chocolate bar, and a packet of crisps. All of which you might consider as foods that are snacks.

Now there is, of course, nothing wrong with a packed lunch as long as it contains roughly the equivalent nutrients and calories as can be found in a hot school lunch. But often this is not the case, and the snacks in some packed lunches contain far more sugar, salt and calories than is recommended.

And this, in turn, is why we have set up Tasty Tuck Shop – a simple-to-run school tuck shop based entirely on healthy food and drink. This way children can continue to snack, but on foods that prevent them from overeating and being overweight (now an issue for 64% of the UK population).

You pick and choose the snacks you sell so that your tuck shop stays varied and appealing – and your teaching colleagues can help the children to understand more about the healthier options that the shop offers.

We make a tuck shop simple to set up (there are no set up forms, etc) and we supply posters, nutritional information, display stands, and an example letter to give to parents.

The snacks sell for as little as 35p, and our ‘Healthy Range’ fully complies with the new ‘National School Food Standards’ that were introduced in January 2015.

You can find more information by clicking here and also on our website at www.tastytuck.co.uk

Alternatively please do call James on 01206 391179 or email me at james@tastytubs.co.uk