Supporting tutor time – free sample of ready to use resources

How can tutor time support learning and student development?
Wise Ark Ltd provides resources to help with the delivery of effective tutor time, aiding teachers cope with the many pressures they face including the need to promote ‘British values’.

Helping students develop tolerance and learn about British society is of intrinsic worth but how can hard pressed tutors do this on top of all the other demands on their time?

· Having opportunities to learn about and reflect on those who have contributed to society
has a part to play.

· Being able to work co-operatively to solve puzzles and challenges is also a method of
developing team working and listening skills which help support tolerance and
democratic methods.

Daily Tutor Time © provides all this and more in one easy to use package.

· Each week we supply (via email) a set of 5 ready to use power point presentations.

· Each day has information on a person or event linked to that date in the past as well as
a set of 4 activities related to that topic.

· Recent topics have included the Newport Chartist Uprising, William Hogarth and the first
female peers. (We do regularly include Scottish & Welsh related people/events)

· Daily activities are a mixture of observation, literacy, numeracy and knowledge/research
puzzles and challenges. There is also a free word document each week with the activities
– ideal for printing out or for adding to a shared area for student access.

For a free sample set of this week’s resources then please email michael at Wise Ark Ltd ; we will send you the power points and word document –there is no obligation and you will be free to use them across the whole school if wished.


Wise Ark Ltd Company no: 07630623

P.S We also offer Weekly Tutor Time © – an edited version of the above with information on one topic and 5 activities (one from each day).