I know we had one…

What is the simplest way of always keeping track of laptops, tablets, cables, musical instruments, cameras…?

Quite obviously, the first thing we all need to do is to have a hard-to-remove label on every piece of equipment – a label that won’t come off in the normal course of wear and tear, and one that is very hard to remove if someone tries to scratch it off.

But that is only the first point – because no matter how hard you make it to remove a label, there is always someone who will attempt it.

So the second thing is to make sure that the school name cut out in the label is painted with UV ink to show up should the label be removed. And, by simply letting everyone in the school know that this is the case, you can reduce attempts to remove the label by 90%.

ID Silver Mark are precision cut stencil labels which are ideal for labelling IT equipment (including iPads, tablets and mobiles) as no one can remove the label without it fragmenting, and even if they get peeled off the UV paint still shows the school name and postcode.

Another approach is to use a system that identifies and tracks small portable items of equipment, and this is where the Mini Mark Label comes into its own.

Each ID Mini Mark Label is not only hard to remove, but can also incorporate a serial number and/or barcode thus making it possible to include data in a small space.

Additionally should anybody attempt to remove the asset label or switch the label onto some other equipment, the material will break into small pieces, thus visibly announcing the fact that the label has been interfered with.

Furthermore, because the data is engraved into the surface of the label it cannot be removed with chemicals and cleaning materials.

Due to their size Mini Mark labels are suitable for all small electronic equipment from laptops to microphones, tablets to earphones, as well as cables, cameras and similar equipment.

Mini Mark labels are also ideal for musical instruments as the text won’t come off the label even with the continuous handling of an instrument. The labels can be provided with white text on black or silver material with black text.

Dantech also has a full range of ‘traditional’ printed labels with school name, asset number and bar code. Using asset numbering enables the school to maintain a detailed register with an instant view of which equipment is available and where.

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